WOW! Twice in one lifetime!


Yesterday, on the first hole of my home course, a 540  yard par 5, I smoked my driver to 161 yards out.  There was a supporting breeze.  I decided to play my 9 iron to the uphill green that only the top of the flag could be seen

When I hit my second shot, I said to my playing partners (more on them later) 'that should be pretty good' as it sailed towards the green

I was playing with THE founding father of this Country Club, a fantastic 82 year old gentleman named Tot Waldon.  For reference sakes, the name of the road that the golf course is on is Tot Waldon Drive...  I was also playing with a dear friend of mine, Don Burton who is 74...

As we approach the green, both Tot and Don's golf balls were clearly visible... Don and I searched for mine when we noticed a ball mark about 7 feet in front of the hole... as we approached, you could hear me scream all through Ballard County, as I had made that 161 shot for a Double Eagle, an Albatross! 

As I referenced in the Title, this is the 2nd Double Eagle I have recorded....  And it felt really really good. But... to have it happen in front of Tot Waldon is a priceless gift that made me even happier than that shot.. Tot is sick and not doing well, and to have this happen, and see so much joy he got from it is a gift I will never ever forget.  Don was also great about it, saying that it would take at least 5 lunches on me before he would 'validate it'  :D

A great day at the course... (It is very very weird being three under after hitting only two shots!)

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Beautiful! Great story my friend, thanks for sharing......

Just once I would like to be three under...... JUST ONCE!  ;D
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