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VSIDO Installation Help / Re: Will not install latest ISO
« Last post by Gordon on April 18, 2019, 04:48:09 PM »
Hi PackRat,
Thanks for that. I will try again tomorrow with luck
VSIDO Installation Help / Re: Will not install latest ISO
« Last post by PackRat on April 18, 2019, 10:01:28 AM »
The UEFI version just has the grub files to work with a UEFI system. You can use it to install to a legacy BIOS system.
VSIDO Installation Help / Re: Will not install latest ISO
« Last post by Gordon on April 18, 2019, 05:53:26 AM »
Hi PackRat

I downloaded the ISO yesterday afternoon  at about 1530 hrs bst. The one I downloaded was the first on the list not the UEFI version as I have no idea what it for. As usual a bit clueless on that side of things.   :D
VSIDO Installation Help / Re: Will not install latest ISO
« Last post by PackRat on April 17, 2019, 11:10:44 PM »
When did you download the iso?

The issue is being discussed / fixed. . The fix may have come through after you downloaded; you can try downloading again.

Which iso did you download; legacy or UEFI?
VSIDO Installation Help / Will not install latest ISO
« Last post by Gordon on April 17, 2019, 06:50:56 PM »
Hi folks,
It's  me again.  I had major problems so i thought i would take the easy way out and do a completely  new install, so i downloaded the latest ISO burnt it to a disk and started. I got as far as creating a root and swap partition and thats as far as it goes. Keeps comming up with an error message which it says it has saved to


That's all I can tell you. No idea how to go any further. I tried several times with the same result.

I'm writing this on my tablet as my PC doesn't want to play at all now   :'(
Hey, sorry for being MIA, had really no time to look further into the issue(s)... Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to dig into it :)

Regarding udev thing, looks to me it's either due to lvm, udev or grub itself.

Found another report here:

If you have time/make it before I do, it'd be good to at least eliminate grub by reinstalling it manually from an already installed system followed from live as well.Just do the usual mantra:
Code: [Select]
# live only: 
# mount the root partition at /mnt and then:
mount --bind /dev /mnt/devmount --bind /sys /mnt/sysmount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
# /live only

grub-install --recheck /dev/sdX #for BIOS, adapt for UEFI as usual
If you don't get the timeouts, then it's probably not a grub issue :)

Feedback & Suggestions / Firefox slowing you down? Vivaldi as an alternative.
« Last post by PackRat on April 07, 2019, 01:17:35 PM »
Firefox getting too slow or bloaty for you?

I've been checking out the latest build of Vivaldi browser the last couple days. Nice and responsive; it works with Google extensions so you can get an adblocker or whatever from there. I only use ublock origin from there. It's not in the repositories (maybe experimental?) but Vivaldi provides a 32 and 64-bit deb package.. If you search for "vivaldi testing branch" you can find an installer script for non Debian/Redhat systems. They make it hard to find for some reason.

If some multimedia isn't working, launch Vivaldi from a terminal; it will display a curl command you can use to get a multimedia file from an Ubuntu repository.
I also confirmed that the filesystem.squash is there by using the old installer and succeeding..

However, I could not use the menu driven installer (yad based) because it could not see the (null)dev/sda1 as a device or as a block device

I ran the non gui installer version of it and it installed fine..

Is it possible that the linstaller updates I applied failed on this build?

I can also confirm that the

Code: [Select]
Device /dev/sda1 not initialized in udev database even after waiting 1000000 microseconds

error is on the non uEFI version too

It is almost as if udev is broken because it cannot seem to locate any of its own settings and devices
Hello filip and thank you for stopping in to assist

The grub delay is in the uEFI ISO (It is the only one functional right now)

This is an image of me logged into the latest ISO (26th but it has the same failure). You can see the properties and the actual location within the file manager that shows that

Code: [Select]
is there and in the correct place.. I checked this immediately when this happened

Conky / Re: Simple conky clock and network interface
« Last post by jedi on April 01, 2019, 11:14:22 PM »
Action in the Conky thread!  I love it... :)

@PackRat, thanks for the link.  He's got some pretty awesome work!  I might switch back to the lighter side...
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