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Re: The vsido remastery thread
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2014, 02:19:23 AM »
With a few modifications, I find Remastersys very good. The only thing that`s missing from a full fledge installer, is the possibility to set more mount points. But for the experienced of us, this is easy to do later in fstab, or with the GUI that you Vsidos`s use.  Creating a snapshot of a working build is the best way to build a distro, and  Remastersys does it just fine. OK, there are no uefi-support, but so far it`s only a few of the big ones that have it.

Now I`ve actually wiped my ssd and converted it to a gpt-disk, to see if the installer works with it now, without using the workarounds that I`ve used before. If it`s not working, then I will put all my effort into changing the installer so that it works.

The only problem with Remastersys for the future, is uefi-support. As it will be a big rewrite, and it`s not only a few small changes in the installer scripts. But if the os4-fork ever will be released, then I feel quite confident that uefi-support will be included.

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