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I think this is the right thread where i should ask my question: Curiously, when i start ceni, it only shows eth0 but not wlanO - although the connection is up and running. In wicd, the wlan accesspoint (and the connection to it) is shown. What could be the reason why? TIA for any help!



I haven't had to do this in a long time and I may be completely wrong, but it shouldn't hurt anything.

In the terminal, as root,  have you tried these 2 entries?
ifconfig wlan0 up

Then proceeded with Ceni?



Ok so this might be a stupid question but I'm going to ask anyway.

Since ceni needs to be root (or run with sudo cmd if not in root) is there a way currently to run while using the live usb? I've been attempting it for the past day and a half and I'm out of ideas on this. I'm pretty sure my hardware is recognized but then again it does not always mean its going to work. I'm looking to get it going to make sure I either have it working or know which files I need before install.

I apologize for the possibly stupid question.


What ceni really is... It's a ncurses interface (call it a wrapper if you like)  in a way- that just modify '/etc/network/interfaces'
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Yes cobaltewolfe, you can run it as root during a livecd session

just run

sudo su

in terminal
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I also have successfully ran it in the "Live" environment using 'sudo ceni'.  (no quotes of course)
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Lol I'm so uses to having a password for nearly everything that I tend to over think things. I'm a bit paranoid by nature so yeah  :-P