VSIDO is coming back to life


I have uploaded an fsarchive file to the VSIDO download site here

Using fsarchive this will install a current version of VSIDO with everything functional to any partition you restore it to

It has vsido as the default user with vsido as the pw and vsido is also already a part of sudoers group

Any user could change the name of vsido to their own and but it may be easier to create a new user after install then login with it and give that user sudoer rights and you would have the same

The file size is 1 gig and is up to date with the latest SID and latest SID kernel

I will also continue as in the past to update this every time there is a kernel change

I have also posted a How To on how to effectively use fsarchive to get this installed

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Thanks RatMan...

I also just updated the latest fsarchive having fixed a menu issue and did a bit of cleanup .. the filename is the same but the size is now 1.2 gig

Make sure you have grabbed the latest one

From this point going forward, every filename will be different
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