VSIDO Build 2017


Decided to do a fresh install to metal with the 25May2017 build. Very fast, smooth install.

Wicd has been a pain for many distros so used Ceni without any issues at all.

Would like to comment constructively about the "dual" audio icon for VSIDO volume, reducing the tint2rc panel size from 35 to 32 then to 30 did the trick.  Now have a single icon!
Really very good looking build!

CROWZ / STAR / Devuan / refracta / VSIDO


I will make those changes Z, thanks for digging in and finding it..

I am working this morning updating and adding the new installer and uEFI iso for the lite versions.. have not focused on them in a while since there seemed to be little interest in them

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ISO's updated, installer updated, all tested and now uploaded including a uEFI lite version
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