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Title: Awesome Install
Post by: jedi on January 14, 2013, 08:49:36 PM
Originally posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:16 am

Ok, most awesome install ever!  Less than 20 minutes flat!  Hardest bit was typing in "ifup wlan0" to get wireless going.  Real toughy!  Tweaking now, and I have NOT installed Bumblebee.  For those who would use this distro in an Optimus environment, a tip in the HowTo instructing them to use the Tab key at the initial boot to edit the boot process.  (it evidently hates the Nouveau driver)  I had to add 'acpi=noirq' before 'quiet' and 'no splash' after 'quiet' in the boot line in grub.  Once installed, edited the grub file, update-grub to make it stick and presto!  I gotta say this was a lot less painful than the last time I tried Sid on my own.  Adding a couple of letters seems to have taken all the work out of it!  (VSIDO)  I also notice my transparency is a lot better now.  And, Sector11, I'm using OpenBox!  Shout it to the masses!
I was going to get this all done before VastOne went to bed but got tied up with life as usual.  You'd think by waiting till everyone was in bed, I'd have the pleasure of some alone time with Sid. (VSIDO)  VastOne, you definitely have a "present" headed your way!  Remember to get me an addy to send it to!

VSIDO absolutely ROCKS!  I still have some tweaking to do like I said, but this was a definite "No Complaints" install.  Working on Conky and Tint2 now of course, but that is also rocking right along!  Many Many Many Thanks VastOne!

(yeah I know it didn't happen till you all see the screenshot!  Coming soon I promise!)
Title: Re: Awesome Install
Post by: jedi on January 14, 2013, 09:05:44 PM
Originally posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:13 pm

Quote from: VastOne
Great to hear this Jed!  As stated in another post, I got pulled away by life also...

A couple of questions...

Did you see a login as soon as you booted to LiveCD or did it take you to OpenBox in an autologin?

Were there any issues like what lwfitz had not being able to login?

Is there anything you saw out of whack?

Did you 'use' the How To I wrote as a guide or was the install self explanatory?

How do you think a brand new user would do with this install?


Using the LiveCD (LiveUSB for me) it went right into OB with no login required.  I had none of lwfitz's issues.  My only "issue" is hardware related as you know, (the Optimus mess courtesy of nVidia).  I did read the HowTo quite thoroughly before I did my install.  I could have gotten through it however without reading the HowTo.  It was that self explanatory.

When I first started using Sid, I wasn't sure about it being for the new Linux user.  Your VSIDO distro has changed my mind completely in that regard.  Very simple install, accompanied by the fact that everything you need to be up, running, and productive right out of the box makes for a pretty sweet distro!  So, that being said, yes, I believe this could be very beneficial to any New User.  Brand new or otherwise!  With the addition of having smxi already installed and ready to use, it is basically perfection!

One other note, I have gone ahead and edited my grub.cfg manually.  I did this only to avoid the issue on reboot of having to edit the Grub2 menu.  After this edit (NEVER EDIT THE GRUB.CFG FILE MANUALLY!  :ugeek: ) it boots perfectly every time.  I know you submitted a bug report about this, and it is for me, a very minor issue.  I added the bit about never editing the grub.cfg for anyone tempted to do so.  If you do decide to edit grub.cfg (not to be confused with editing and then updating grub which is a completely DIFFERENT file than grub.cfg) please know that you can seriously break your system.  You have been warned!  My only reason for doing so was completely hardware related and in no way due to VSIDO.  I have a hybrid (read, ominous Optimus Intel/nvidia worthless video card in my laptop that this install was done on) graphics system that seriously confuses Linux.  Do a search for Linus Torvalds and the F word rant against nVidia.  You'll get a real chuckle!

If anyone were to install that has a similar hardware setup to mine, making a note of the edit to grub is the only way they'll successfully get it to boot.