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VSIDO Raptor 32bit & 64bit ISO’s updated 06-NOV-2013 16:35 CST

Both ISO’s were updated, built, installed, tested and uploaded today with no issues.

  • Removed the need for a swap partition from the installer.  There are now two installers, one with no swap and one with swap from the System Menu on the Live CD
  • Updated to the latest SID kernel 3.11.6-2 (2013-11-01)
  • Installed suckless-tools with the latest dmenu options thanks to the great work from statmonkey (64bit)
  • Corrected lxpanel settings to correctly stay behind windows (thanks PackRat)
  • Installed mesa-utils (thanks Jedi and H2)
  • Updated the kernel to the latest SID levels

All files and torrents can be download from the VSIDO Sourceforge page https://sourceforge.net/projects/vsido/files/?source=navbar

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