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I decided to register for the forums because I had a question.  I've used CrunchBang Linux full time since March 2012.  In fact, I know VastOne from when he was a forum moderator for the CrunchBang forums.  I also see some familiar usernames here in the forums who have also posted in the CrunchBang forums.

I tried VSIDO not too long after it came out, but didn't care for fluxbox and wasn't sure how to get rid of it and install and configure openbox and tint2.  I've progressed quite a bit since that time in my Linux knowledge and am considering giving VSIDO another look.

I have played with a number of other distros in my time of Linux use:  Mandrake, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, antiX, Siduction, LinuxBBQ, Antergos (very nice Arch derivative), PCLinux OS, GoboLinux, Mepis, Salix,  SparkyLinux, Mint, Mint DE, and SolydXK.  I also use SystemRescueCD on a USB stick for resolving PC issues.
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Hey KrunchTime!  Welcome to VSIDO!
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@KrunchTime: Welcome to VSIDO: I too have enjoyed many of the distro's you mentioned, particularly Siduction, LinuxBBQ, CrunchBang, but have stayed away from Ubuntu. What makes VSIDO is the forum, and the immediate effort of VastOne, Jedi, PackRat and others to solve-resolve issues confronting the distro. I have found that constructive effort to help direct a person to information vs doing it for them is the norm. VSIDO is awesome, and my favorite, next to it is the Debian net installs that I have created my own flavor of openbox and fluxbox. VastOne is the sole dev and he pays great attention to questions, also always open to improvement.  As a current (still) Crunchbang Sid user, welcome - zephyr
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Welcome KrunchTime. Enjoy the distro and stay a while.
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Greetings KrinchTime... we have similar backgrounds. I have transitioned well from #! to VSIDO. My "main" go to is still Slackware, but VSIDO is persistently eroding that preference over time.