Hey there ostrolek and welcome to VSIDO and the community...

I think if you give Fluxbox half a chance, you will come to enjoy it...

We are damned glad to have you
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Hey ostrolek, good to have you aboard!  Pretty sure if you give the old Fluxbox a try you'll love it!  VSIDO also rocks.  VastOne has created a masterpiece!!!  ;D
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Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome!
I have already downloaded Vsido, and would give it a whirl. Check FB and start learning.


Hey ostrolek!

Good to see you over here as well!



Hey, ostrolek. Nice to see you around.

Fluxbox has a somewhat steep learning curve. But it totally worths the effort. Read the manuals and find anything PackRat posted about FB configs and tips. I bet you'll love it. If you need some help don't hesitate to ask here. The Ratman will help you for sure (and I'll try to do my best too, though that's not very helpful  :P )


Thanks, Snap for pointing to this site.