I'm thinking Iceweasel replacement


I installed the last iso into a virtual machine to check the new flash-less setup. I was expecting a different browser too, but Iceweasel is still in. Then I re-read the threads and finally noticed that the changes were in order to remove flash. Not the browser altogether yet. I'll give a go to the different browsers suggested here, at least some of them, but my former attempts always ended up returning to the Mozilla stuff. Never got used the the Chrome/ium thing. Though I never use most of the features that the fully bloated Mozilla browsers include I usually miss the security and the blocking addons in the other browsers. That's usually what makes the difference for me. I'll try them again, but I don't expect finding a good replacement for the current two main browsers.


Quote from: PackRat on January 28, 2015, 01:00:59 AM
As good a place for this as any.

Some of the developers of the original opera browser have started a new project - Vivaldi - new browser

Thanks for that. I am always willing to try a new browser and see if it fits the bill. I usually push the browsers to their limits with 15+ tabs open. lol


Quote15+ tabs open

Same disease here.  ;D


lol @snap  ;D

so far so good. I installed Vivaldi and it seem very light weight . i will see how it hold up. One recommend i may send over to them is changing the name of the browser. Hard to remember how to spell it , let alone pronounce it .


Midori looks promising, I like it golbally, but it keeps failing in certain forums and other sites. Not an alternative for now. Though I'll keep an eye on it.

Vivaldi seems to be 64 bit only. My vsido install is 32 bit, so no deal... I'll try it on a another system anyhow.


@snap - yes, looks to be 64-bit only; I have not asked if their source is available to build a 32-bit version since I only have 64-bit, might be worth a shot.
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Installed Vsido64 on a virtual machine. Will give it a go.


I read in the Vivaldi forum that a 32 bit version is planned any time soon.

I am posting from Vivaldi right now. It is quite interesting. Switching back and forth from IW makes it look old fashioned.  :D

It seems to work better than Midori, at least here. I am not having any issues for now. It does not feel any faster than IW or FF, but has a lower resources impact, but not specially lower when you have a nice bunch of tabs open. Barely a difference. Very interesting browser anyway. Some sites like Dailymotion or Vimeo complain about flash not installed. I wonder why. AFAIK, Vimeo fully supports html5. it works that way in the Mozilla browsers.


Is anyone using Midori displaying righ phpBB forums? It's the main isssue here. Otherwise I'm liking Midori quite a bit. Not for a full switch from Mozilla browsers but I would live with it... Nevertheless it's a no go if used for forums on that software.


This thread has touched off some conversation thankfully.  However, that said, everything listed here so far would still require libflashplayer.so to enable flash sites.  Fresh Player Plugin was mentioned a couple of posts ago, and I also mentioned it in the OP of this thread.  It is not a viable solution at this time.  After extended use/uptime, cpu and memory use remain a valid concern.  As I originally posted, I am in no way endorsing Chrome, but at this time, it appears to be the only viable solution for enjoying fully functioning flash sites.  It also appears that they (Google) are keeping a pretty firm grip on the PPAPI.  As of this posting, Pepper, (PPAPI) is still the only real alternative to Mozilla's, and indeed, every other browsers flash abilities I've tried.

Adobe is not going to bend in this matter and suddenly decide to start making updates to flash for Linux.  It is just not going to happen.  Until Flash is dead and gone, this is going to be a recurring issue for Linux users.  Flash is IMO ready for the dustbin of software history.  Why it hasn't found its way there yet is beyond me.  HTML5 and CSS3 are good and viable solutions widely used now around the world.  It is approaching "delusional" status IMO that some are still pushing Flash.  It is a known nightmare of security flaws and bugs.

Unfortunately Pepper (PPAPI) is only available in Chrome.  PPAPI will not work for other browsers as there is no way to install a PPAPI plugin – they have to be installed by Chrome, and there is no way for third parties to do that at this time, and as far as I can tell, no plans for Google to make it possible.

If I am wrong in this conclusion, please don't hesitate to post here and shine some light on what for me has resulted only in darkness...
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What you posted is simply true. The ugly part for those users, like me, who want to stay away from flash as much as possible and not having anything Google at all on their computers, it's a hard time. Chrome is the only realistic solution for full video support.


There is a mild compromise between chrome and not-chrome.  I now strictly use chrome-based Slimjet and Maxthon.  They play everything and are lighter and faster than Chrome.


sorry, i heard of this "15+ tabs" being depicted as "pushing browsers to the limit", and had to come running.

maybe the "+" is just understatement... but... try adding a couple zeros to that number and you're closer to the realms of pushing to the limits.

1500 tabs.

i've been there.

i'm raaaaaarely on less than 200 tabs,
(currently somewhere over 500... everything running as smooth as if i only had one open).

if 15 tabs is pushing some kind of browser limit for you, then i suggest you start taking better care of your browser, getting better addons, using better means to block superfluous unwanted content, and maybe even a hardware upgrade (though i remember being happy with 100+ tabs back in 2003 with a machine from 1998... even on my ancientware pentium 133 with 16mb of ram, i wouldnt even question opening over 15 tabs).   many times i'd open 15+ tabs in the space of a minute, to aid research flow.

so seriously...  this sense that 15 tabs is a lot, makes me think something is seriously lacking in your setup.

i hope this comes across as encouragement to the promised land, rather than just self aggrandizing.  you too can have a happier fuller browsing experience.

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^ the obvious question... what is it that would compel you to open 200, 500 or 1500 tabs in a browser?   ???

Since I shit canned flash I have not had to reboot this system at all... That is going on 3 weeks now and before I was rebooting daily due to runaway memory consumption

When I need to watch a video, I fire up Chrome ... otherwise I am happy with Iceweasel and all my plugins and NO FLASH

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This is the obvious "best" solution for those that Chrome/ium never floated their boats (me). Too bad that two huge browsers side by side are needed. One of them just to watch videos.

Side note: I keep liking Vivaldi more and more. IMHO, though still quite green, a nice alternative to the Chrome/ium thing apparently using pepperflash too. A 32-bit version is finally available. For me it doesn't replace Iceweasel/Firefox... yet(?) but already replaces the other pair.