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Essential Android Apps
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:09:33 AM »
In another thread someone mentioned a subject near and dear to my heart, that being book readers. I thought I would start something to see if we could collect favorite apps.  I have three phones, two for hacking around on and one that I use for some of it's intended purposes.  I also have two tablets and a little device I built that is sort of an android media player that I tote around with me when I travel.  So I sort of get into this stuff.

Moon + Reader - I already mentioned it's library management capabilities, which are pretty awesome.  It syncs across devices so wherever you are your book is ready and it also includes a facility to use various dictionaries and wikipedia for quick reference while you are reading.  What I didn't mention is it's ability to nest a cops opds library within the library.  This essentially means that for my own purposes I have complete instant access to my full library wherever I am without having to load the library onto the device.  Fwiw I have a reasonably sized online library and if anyone is interested in having access to it just PM me and I will send you a link.  In MoonReader you can set this as a net library and have it instantly available in the app.  It's pretty nice.

PLEX - I have already mentioned Plex elsewhere as well.  This adds the ability to access and catalogue your stored media.  I am old school so I have about 6 TB of movies and music.  Plex handles this and displays it well.  It's probably worth it for the fact that you can put TED talks on your TV with Chromecast.

Subsonic - Plex is really in home but I want my music with me.  Enter Subsonic which is basically the ability to access my audiobooks and music wherever I am.  It's ability to use the playlists that I have already built in mpd makes it a no-brainer.  It's ability to be accessed anywhere makes it useful.  Note: Does not play well with apache2.

Keepassdroid - With dropbox works to have my pwords anywhere and they are secure

Textra - Personally think this is the best texting/sms there is if you send media or files in your texts

AirDroid and FTP server - these are two apps that make moving junk back and forth between your box and your phone inconsequential.  Really handy when you want to do something in a hurry.

I root everything I own and some of these are probably more than what others may want.

Tasker - Think bash on steroids for your phone.  It has a learning curve but once up and running you can automate about anything.

Titanium Backup - just a must have, especially if you are a rom changer like I am

SMS Backup and Restore - not sure if this requires root but a great little app that backs up your sms to dropbox or drive or even gmail if you want.

TWRP - Makes modding/ROM changing fool proof.


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Re: Essential Android Apps
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2014, 03:25:45 AM »
Good Grief!  3 cell phones?  I have a land line.  I don't even have a cell phone.  My home phone is NOT a rotary dial phone however.
I also have a Nexus 7 that is totally awesome!  It has been 'rooted' since I bought it and I switch between Cyanogenmod and Android intermittently.  Currently using the latest Android version.
AirDroid is a 'must have' for anyone using a 'droid type device, while also using a computer.  Talk about simplifying file transfers.
I use Aldiko for a reader, but will definitely be trying out Moon + Reader.
I use PowerAmp for a music player, and as a matter of fact, I like the app so much I bought it!  Recently all I do is drive around in my Lazy-Boy recliner, so the Nexus sits by the bed playing music 24/7.  I do everything else on one of the two laptops.
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Re: Essential Android Apps
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2014, 04:24:22 AM »
Thanks for starting this statmonkey...  I will ping you later on some how to's.. or best methods.  I would really like VSIDO in an ARM version ... someday

I use my Nexus 7 now (not rooted) primarily for my outdoor needs... golf running cycling reading and music but promise to look at everything you have done and use
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Re: Essential Android Apps
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2014, 03:39:08 PM »
 I would definitely be interested in an arm version.  I don't think it would be that massive an undertaking.  I might peek at that once I get my system back to fully functional. :)