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Zathura pdf viewer config file ... zathurarc
« on: February 24, 2014, 02:27:49 AM »
I started a thread comparing lightweight pdf viewers. Zathura i one of them and has a fairly decent following in various other distros, in part, because of its active development, the sociability of the developers themselves, and ease in cofigurability by users.

I know I have posted several times recently. This is my penance for being a help vampire in the past. Also, might as well share the fruits of my labors for comments and snarkery.

Install by

Code: [Select]
apt-get install zathura
medit ~/.configs/zathura/zathurarc

And paste your user defined configs in the newly created & opened file!

To get started, here are a few color schemes, some commented out, which provide easy viewing, soft dark colors, for those who read tons of pdfs like I do. I have not come up with any of these, but rather swiped generously from the excellent Arch forums. I am not really sure how to credit them other than links to their site. Maybe I'll create an Arch profile to thank them directly though.

Code: [Select]
#set recolor-darkcolor "#93A1A1"
#set recolor-lightcolor "#002B36"
#set recolor true

# colors
#set statusbar-bg "#000000"
#set statusbar-fg "#CC0000"
#set default-fg "#FFFFFF"
#set default-bg "#000000"

# keybindings
map [fullscreen] a adjust_window best-fit
map [fullscreen] s adjust_window width
map [fullscreen] f follow
map [fullscreen] <Tab> toggle_index
map [fullscreen] j scroll down
map [fullscreen] k scroll up

I haven't really been able to do what I want with it yet, which is to have several color schemes. Ideally, I want pdfs to open in their native colors and toggle several different predefined color schemes for different lighting conditions or for different levels of eye fatigue, etc.
A keybinding "control+I" to toggle invert colors.
A keybinding "control+s" to toggle sepia/parchment type coloration (like a kindle)
A keybinding "control+a" (or some other key) to toggle the aqua/blue color scheme above

Here's my contribution for the time being. If you come up with a different config, either keybindings or color palattes, please share!