Howdy from a new VSIDO user (VSIDian?). I had happily been using #! for quite some time until I accidentally installed a conflicting architecture. Which basically borked #!. Along about that time, I was given the opportunity to place an order for a linux rig at my workplace. Linux at work? Pretty commonplace for a scientist like me. But they only allow linux installs for certain distros and one is Debian (but not #!). They have not yet given word on SID, but, to keep things simple, I decided to switch my home system to one my IT dept would allow, and configure the two machines identically. VastOne has amazing tutorials and helpz on the #! forums and thus drew me here to VSIDO! I'm enjoying my heretofore brief residence in VSIDO land.

I have had terrible install issues due to UEFI / MBR / GPT conflicts. If you're in the same boat, search for my other posts.

But for now, 2% CPU?! That's even better than #! Oh and transparent FB menus with color in them, pretty colors......


Welcome superwow and thank you for your diligence ... I am sure there will be others who can learn from the path you have traveled to get here.  I appreciate it!
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Hey superwow..welcome to VISIDO :)

Like you I was a #! user in addition to my main install of Slackware. I still frequent their forum from time to time to encourage new users.
However I've made the move up to VSIDO. Not exactly a household name but a great work, true labor of love  for VastOne and a cool and
helpful community.


^ Thank you !  I appreciate that

I am glad someone remembers the work I did at #!...  :-X
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Welcome to VSIDO superwow!  Glad to see your finally here!  Congrats on the install and way to stick with it!!!   ;D
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Welcome superwow! Glad you made it here with us!
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