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Digit's Astrology Tent
« on: January 26, 2014, 11:56:55 PM »
first up, a little disclaimerish background intro to this...

~~~~~~~~imagine wibbly dream/flashback sequence fade here ~~~~~~~~
the year was 2005, and i was a dry-minded science-ist... just barely venturing forth to the freakier realms beyond the familiar fringes of science that i so loved (like quantum mechanics n stuff).  increasingly, i'd noticed observations from others, they claimed as insights from knowledge of astrology.  i thought this was bunk.  i was sure of it.  i set out to disprove it by actually knowing what i was talking about.  so i started to study astrology, always with the intent of using the knowledge to pull the rug from under those whom had been duped by it.  ... well, long-story-short, a month or so in, it dawned on me that there was indeed "something to it".  ... and since then, i've looked into, to varying degrees, over a dozen astrological systems, and have also explored to a small extent what the flippin heck is going on!  what could cause this stuff!?  ~  some of it is seasonal, some of it really does seem to be "in the stars"... or at least... in the torsion, gravitational, magnetic, orgonic, whateveric, quantum feilds from the large masses as they move n spin.  torsion is a particularly strong candidate.

however... this thread is not for that stuff...

i thought i'd just have some fun, and present myself (albiet entirely unfitting) as the local astrologer here in the vsido community.   lol  (if you could only see how absurd that is from in my head, where the good ol science-ist me still lives).


shop's open.

ask for:

  • personality profiles based on a date of birth (please have time of day included too!  it really helps),
  • compatability in relationships (relationships of any kind),
  • or for your horoscope, or to know if a time might be favourable for a certain activity (this will be the most inacurate guff-ridden stuff, most likely, lol)

my services are free, and come as is, with zero garuntee of accuracy, consistency or factuality. lol.  more just for curiosity and entertainment purposes.  ^_^ 

i have maaaaaaany interests, and this one, i just think offers us some fun... but please dont go thinking of me as an actual astrologer.  just a layman who came into it from what i presume is a rare entry (trying to debunk).  as much as this thread is intended for me to accept your requests for "readings" or other questions, i'll gladly chime in with the battle against closed minds who are also science-ist and have dismissed it without actually applying the various rigours of scientific method (or even a layman's close aproximation thereof, lol).

chances are, anything you ask for, i'll just bumble along to some website and do a quote and link.  ;) 

even if you think you know astrology, it may be interesting to get some input from me... i went rather wide with my investigation... diverse systems.  :)

i dare you.  ask me an astrology question... or for one of the three items on the shop list above.  :)