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Fave Apps or Apps I add after installing VSIDO

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I always add:
Version: 2.7.2-1
Installed-Size: 62
Maintainer: Tony Houghton <h@realh.co.uk>
Architecture: all
Depends: roxterm-gtk3 (>= 2.7.2-1)
Benefits: many but you can set the term to warn on command finish or keep open on finish, great for debugging scripts, etc.  It's just a term emulator but it's features bring some things to the table not available elsewhere.

Also clipit
which I am sure everyone is familiar with. Not really essential but would save me a few apt-gets

^ Not Fair!

You bypassed Grsync!

You call this a democracy?   ???


All right, all those pass the muster along with a request for NTP from PackRat

Edit - bashburn really needed?  It adds a hefty amount (compared to the rest) ... just asking


--- Quote from: VastOne on January 06, 2014, 02:12:18 AM ---^ Not Fair!

You bypassed Grsync!

You call this a democracy?   ???


--- End quote ---
[edit]ntp is a very good addition

Dang gnab it~ I really should read before posting.  I like bashburn but you are right.  It's an easy add and I do have some things that I plop in myself like bashburn/gnucash/etc for work related stuff.  I rarely burn discs and agree its probably a user choice rather than good to have in there.  The others I think add some value.[/edit]
No it's an autocracy, I really don't have a vote right?  Only am allowed to add input  :'(

I am sure it's great but I don't use gui for rsync evah (only use rsync in scripts with zenity that I write if any interface is needed otherwise command line) and for that matter tend to use rdiff-backup almost as much as rsync anyway.  Which btw rdiff-backup might need to be on this list, forgot about it.

I am sure it is a fine upstanding program and have all the faith in the world it will be an excellent addition.  I am actually still upset you swapped out Geany for that Tea-party or whatever it is editor :(

Oh forgot to add


(chortles at own joke)

:D  I am choking on those suggestions!

Geany is good but overblown IMO... it is part of the welcome script...  I think I may add the bulk of these to that instead, it probably makes more sense to do that


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