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This is a thread to discuss individual apps that 'should' or 'could' be added to the application base

We have a really good base of apps that have hit the spot for a lot of people...

Occasionally we all run across something that is really good and should be considered for VSIDO.  The only requirements I will have is that it is light on dependencies and size

I'll start with one that I have known about and used forever... Grsync

It is light (200k) and is a gui frontend for rsync.  I use it all the time and I nominate it as a VSIDO default application

Please replace UMPlayer with SMPlayer. SMPlayer is more actively developed. Also include smtube with SMPlayer.
Now I'm gonna throw the kitchen-sink here  ;)
I'll limit the kitchen-sink to only ten entries cause it can go forever otherwise  ;)

vsido is not a "kitchen sink included" type of distro, and i hope it never becomes that... unless we're talking "kitchen sink" in the way the people of the "tiny house" movement think of a kitchen sink.  (sometimes that's just a tub that collects rainwater, a filter, a tube, a clasp to pinch it off, and a bowl/bucket.)

... cos it's lightweight n minimal.

umplayer is, and feels, a lot smaller and lighter than smplayer.  i havnt actually checked the numbers, but i'm pretty confident smplayer will look like an utter fatty by comparison.
--- Quote --- The only requirements I will have is that it is light on dependencies and size

--- End quote ---

as for the list...  [edit](awesome as it is)[/edit]  eesh.
maybe it'd help if you had seen this word in the initial post too.. ;)
--- Quote ---discussion

--- End quote ---

i was going to go look into each of those n find out what the ones i dont know are... but that just feels like too much obligation imposition.  XD

having spoken with VastOne regarding his intent for this thread before he split it, i want to add my own little bit about it...

when suggesting something here, please try to think what's great for vsido... not just what you want.  remember, we all have different tastes and use cases.  what vsido is ootb, is a great starting place, convenient, and needing less effort for tinkerers who like to make it their own, and less things needed to install for those who want it ootb, and less things needed to be uninstalled or replaced by those with different tastes in applications for tasks that vsido already has an app for.

vsido hakerdefo-savant (aka vsido3) has been stripped down from vsido raptor (aka vsido 2).  the focus is very much back to as it was in the beginnings, and i dare say a much tighter and stringent focus than even then, having reeled things in from all the stuff debian wanted to bloat it up with its creeping deps during raptor's development.  this crsip clarity, crystal thinking, coherent "just enough, but comfortable" design is likely what's been getting vsido great reviews.  if you want everything and the kitchen sink, i hear there ar other sid based distros that do that.   if you want vsido-your-way, you might even want to consider just making your own sid install... or remastering vsido.  :)

i think, what this thread is about, is not a free for all where we all say what packages we want ootb, because we install those package after a fresh vsido install (there's a thread for that now http://vsido.org/index.php?topic=668.0 and it too will of course present ideas for this thread too, as well as spiral off other ideas and innovations through the sharing), this thread though, is to more rigorously discuss and consider apps on a more individual basis.  a big list only opens up a can of worms that leaves us in a muddled mess with less chance of clarity or thoroughness.

having said all that, i realise that likely comes across as a heavy handed bitchslap to hakerdefo...  very, very sorry. i didnt mean it like that.  just wanted to help steer this thread where i got the impression it was intended.

also, i add, i just took that upon myself to write all that... vasty might come along in a mo and say "no you doofus", in which case i humbly appologise for the affront, and making such a twatt of myself for nothing.

grsync... how big is it?  how much use is it?  how much of a convenience and feature-boost does it confer?

oh, 162kb. 

* Digit installs and runs first time straight away with a simple "agi grsync && grsync" and his jaw drops.
quick, intuitive, feature complete [edit](for the rsync basics at least)[/edit](i like the sessions menu, if it means what i think it means), un-obfuscated... good call.

Thank you Digit for clarifying what this thread is about...

I am glad you installed and used grsync, it really is a killer little app...

There  are those who love rsync from terminal and will look at this and call it bloat... I happen to think it is like a yad front end to an epic tool

Thanks ...


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