Author Topic: start small, dont be intimidated. [zenity & yad]  (Read 3770 times)


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start small, dont be intimidated. [zenity & yad]
« on: December 09, 2013, 06:12:32 PM »
making graphical user interfaces will likely scrare the pants of anyone who's attempting to get there from a nubile ground zero.   dont be.   zenity and yad are kinda revolutionising that stuff, expecially if you've already had the good sense to start getting some shell scripting savvy.  :)

here's my initial foray (much thanks to statmonkey's scripts, which reading them made this all the more simple).

Code: [Select]
#this is digit's first poke at zenity, dont expect much beyond hello world, ok.
zenity --question --title="zenjit rudimentary" --text="alo cosmos?" --ok-label="gosh,  yes!"

ok, there you go.  rudimentary ball rolling!
yeah, i know it doesnt really do anything yet... that will come next.

besides reading other people's zenity and yad scriptings, the man pages and help output is really useful too.  :)

added another line after that, in case that^ alone doesnt make it clear where to go from there.
Code: [Select]
zenity --question --text="there we go then" --ok-label="...k"so you see... it's simple, just like script writing.