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Announcing the VSIDO /etc/skel git repo here

This would be for anyone needing current /etc/skel config files.  These files are what really define VSIDO and the settings and will be kept current


muchas gracias.

tho to be clear, there's more to vsido than just these.   i mean, if you netinstall and add this, you've not got an exact clone of a vsido release, right?

Correct, you will have to have the applications / list to have the full effect

:)  that answer suggests it's closer to so than i expected.  so often with distros there's little tweaks and after-thoughts that fall outside of what the dev put in skel.  so, if this is so, it's some refreshing clarity to the distro.  tis in keeping with how not slapdash nor rabid-magpie vsido is.  :)


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