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Re: Dmenu and scripts
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From what I can see the latest Debian version does the following differently than the Vsido version:
    Moves dmenu from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin (which seems trivial at most)
    Excludes xft from the dmenu itself and offers it as part of an alternative dmenu that needs to be called separately (so if you want the xft features you have to call that version explicitly - not sure why this was done, perhaps there are some consequences I am unaware of with the xft diffs) and then adds them in using a post install script versus having them just built in.
     Vsido version included the scripts dmenuselect and todo which allowed user to run and dmenu to remember console apps and to create todo lists in a drop down menu (these are nice features but not critical)
    Does not include man pages for dmenu, etc which our Vsido version did
    The actual package has the control and Debian documentation in the wrong place (trivial)

Summary - Overall it's the same core dmenu with some of the functionality we had removed, some we had made optional and the files moved around.  That said it will work and should provide the same basic functionality with a few variations.  For my purposes though I will be making a 64bit version of the Vsido version.  I want xft in the build, the xtra scripts, etc. I am not sure whether anyone else uses the Vsido version I made but will upload it if there is interest. Here is a download link to the latest Vsido_sucklesstools

PackRat - regarding the path issues you had.  Again not sure what version you are running but both the Vsido version and the newest version use the same basic calls.  Dmenu_run if called sources either the files $HOME/.cache or $HOME/.dmenu_cache if they exist and if they don't exist it builds them using stest (a little exe that verifies that they are executable, etc.) which sources $PATH (or the environment path from the shell).  If your dmenu is not including all in your $PATH I would recommend the following (assuming you have the latest dmenu installed):
     check to see whether you have $HOME/.cache or $HOME/.dmenu_cache and then look at which ever one exists in a text editor.
     if you don't see all the files you would expect (for example you see it hasn't sourced the full paths from your .bashrc then rename that file to say .filename.bak)
     run echo $PATH to make sure you shell path is what you think it is and once you are satisfied
     run dmenu_run to generate a new dmenu_cache or .cache depending on your XDG config. This should repopulate the file correctly and all your scripts, etc that are part of your path should be there.  You know more than I do so I am pretty sure that if you don't get the proper results you can open dmenu_run and see what it is trying to do and figure out where the problem is but I doubt there will be any.  It's a pretty simple script.

I will build dmenu_40.2 in the next day or so.  Once again if there is anything anyone believes should be there that isn't let me know and I can add it.  If you have a killer dmenu script that you think we could all benefit from pm me with it and I will add it in.  I am always willing to steal from any of you.  Of course if you think I am all wet then you can post that in a pm as well :)
Attaching suckless-tools_40-2 for anyone who wants it.