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Hello guys!

VastOne and dizzie, been a long time since I've talked to either of you! I'm sure you both remember me from #! years ago.

Quick-Bio: My name is Jacob, I am a single dad with a three year old son and I'm currently a Redhat Sysadmin for a Law Firm in Ohio exploring all the joys of Enterprise Linux!

Installing VSIDO in just a moment ;)


Hey  Metaphysicist !  Welcome to our little abode...

Nice to hear that Linux is making it to big law firms and that you have a quality job in it

Let us know what you think of VSIDO

Good to hear from you again!
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Took you long enough !

I mean... It's nice to have you back :)

Reclaim your culture, it's within your reach!

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i remember The Metaphysicist too.  mostly because i love the name, Metaphysicist.  ;)  i could hear that name all day.  :)   i suggest you drop the Jacob, make it permanent.   :D


Welcome Metaphysicist!  I just made it here myself a couple of days ago.  I have already accidentally wiped Vsido off of my hard drive and re-installed it lol.  I am trying to get used to having 4 hard drives, it's messing me up!  I am curious about using Linux in a law firm.  Is it a large firm?  In one of my lives I was a paralegal for a short time.   If I remember correctly, there was a lot of very specialized software being used where I was working.  Is this a problem for you?


Oh one more thing, my wife still works at a law firm and needs to use Citrix at home.  If you come across a painless way to get it installed on Vsido please share. 


@Elder V

Here is a link that discusses successful citrixcli installation on debian squeeze...

The sane should apply to VSIDO

The same should apply to VSIDO

Good luck....

Note - I left the sane should apply spelling mishap on purpose... I kind of like that... maybe as a VSIDO Mission Statement!   ???
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Ha, ha, I love it!  Thanks for the link, I'll give it a try.