Hello to all and especially to my old friend VastOne.  Where have I been?!  I should have gotten over here sooner.  I am really excited about VSIDO!  I just built a new computer with 4 320G hard drives and VSIDO will occupy one of them.  I'm a little confused by the menu setup right now because I am used to editing my own menu and I have not ever seen Fluxbox set up like this.  Having said that, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon and it is very, very nice.  You may remember (VastOne), that I love Fluxbox.  I am so happy to see that you are putting it in the spotlight where it belongs.  I'm at work right now but I can't wait to get home and play.  Hopefully I'll be posting a few screenshots soon.   


Hello LaCoste, and welcome aboard, glad you could join us  :)
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Thanks Dizzie, glad to be here.  I'm looking forward to diving in and seeing "what's doing" lol.  It appears that VSIDO has been around for a while and I'm a little late to the party.  :)


Hey ElderV!

I was hoping that one day you would find you way here...My first tastes with FluxBox were because of you but sadly I did not invest enough time with it then...

PackRat has been instrumental in a lot of the FluxBox info here, but now that I have it and use it, I will probably never use anything else

Glad you could make it and we are really glad to have you...   :)
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Welcome LaCoste!  Good to finally see you here!  Yes, VastOne has created a great distro, and, a great community has sprang up around it.

Again, really nice to see you here!
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Welcome LaCoste!
  You may remember (VastOne), that I love Fluxbox
Just starting to use FluxBox seriously this year with Sid. So, I am happy to see another FluxBox regular in the ranks.
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@VastOne - Thanks for the welcome.  I just have to mention what a beautiful job you have done with the installer.  I wish every distro was this painless to install.  It was actually a fun experience.  I remember PackRat from over there at Crunchbang.  I always admired (and sometimes attempted to copy his setups with varying success).  It's good to see some old friends here.  :)


@Jedi - Thank you for the welcome.  :)


@sqlpython - I'm happy you discovered Fluxbox.  I remember the first time I used it was while I was using a wonderful Slackware distro called Wolvix.  The rest is history.  There is just something about the simple elegance that just got me. 


Welcome LaCoste! :D Gad to have another nerd join the ranks hehe. Looks like you are already comfortable, which was the plan from the get go hah!

Watch out for Digit, he may steal your cookies! (and I'm not talking about the ones in your browser!) Hahaha.


@valroadie - Thanks!  I'll keep my eye on my cookies...nobody touches my cookies... :D


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@PackRat - Thank you.  It is really nice to see some old friends here.  :)