the Firefox/Iceweasel/Icecat configuration and addons thread...


by popular demand.

viola, a thread into which we can start keeping better track of all these firefox suggestions that keep popping up all over the place.

my suggestion was/is
a multi-profile setup, so that one can have a vanilla browser, and one kitted out with a tin-foil hat (noscript, request policy, adblock, flashblock, better privacy, and ghostery ~ oh, and startpage or duck duck go instead of google, of course)


My must have's:
febe - extension backup
firebug - for html theft
lastpass - secure/insecure I don't care it makes my life easier
https everywhere - to get back some security
tab mix plus - keeps me org'd
traffic light - security


febe's a great idea.   wait... folks can use febe to create their own bundles in single installers... if febe really needed to be installed then?   presuming one can install those without febe, just like normal addons.


I don't use febe to install my addon's I really use it to create a backup on schedule in case I want to get back to a certain point in time.  I also use it to quickly sync across machines when I am too lazy to move things back and forth.  I just have it set to backup to my drop box and then archive by date.  In my clean up scripts I have one that empties and archives so it keeps me from filling up my dropbox.  It is kind of a belt and suspenders approach.  But if you saw the way I log scripts you would understand I would rather over do it than commit some faux pax because I missed something.


Came across this interesting plugin -

Self destructing cookie plugin for firefox

Testing it out now on one VSIDO install. The whitelist appears to be working just fine; the notifications are a bit distracting, but those can be disabled.

If you install it, read the short HowTo that pops up after it activates for the first time - basic instructions for adding a site like VSIDO to the whitelist etc  ...
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