Anyone using Jitsi?


Just wondering if anyone here is using Jitsi.  Also wondering if anyone has been able to get the notifications sounds to work for IM.  I've been searching and messing around with various builds of stable and latest builds of Jitsi and the notification sound, well sounds like a dog barking...  I though it might be a PulseAudio "thing", but I have tried it with a fresh, updated install of VSIDO.


Well, couldn't figure out how to resolve this one now.  I'll put it on the back burner for another time.   ;)


i'm really not keen on that sort of thing, but i feel like i should get savvy with jitsi so i can help out others who are into that sort of thing, to have a way to do that sort of thing, without relying on some proven untrustworthy corporation.


^ Aye... after this next weeks work, I will give jitsi a look see also... It is something I have been wanting to do
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