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Re: Reclaim Thy Space
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Good stuff ectropy thank you.  I am pretty unfamiliar with synaptic so it is all new to me again.  I think it was my old 'buntu days which would have last been pre-edgy I think.  I am a little synaptic resistant due to my years of running aptosid. Those original devs were bitterly opposed to synaptic and even adding apps in an X environ and I got brainwashed. Anything that helps me understand more is welcome and this does.  I was using rdepends and its a good tool to have around.

Appreciate a good flame war and was really just commenting on the remastersys soap opera as whole and not the philosophical reasons behind it.  Having been victimized by users attempting to take my code and change as little as the name of who developed it and sell something I was giving away I can relate.  I think there seems a little more to this one as I understand including the original dev deciding he wanted to take back what he had given freely and not wanting to contribute anymore.  That of course being completely off topic and based on a very cursory reading of the conversations back and forth.  Anyway thanks for the instructions here and the stuff you posted about .gvfs (I really hate that crap).

Addendum - Thanks to the fine info from ectropy above and using the dreaded synaptic I fixed the niggling little error I was getting by reinstalling live-tools and then removing them correctly.  So the end result is I took the live stuff off my system with no negative effects.  Thank you all.