Gdebi - Does anyone use it


I am trying to determine the value of Gdebi within VSIDO... it has a tremendous amount of gnome dependencies that we could do without

For me, it is a good tool to open a deb to get a clear picture of dependencies needed for the application, but I do not use it for much of anything else

.deb files are easy to install from the command line with dpkg, so it's not like there would be no support for it

If I do remove gdebi, I would put it in the welcome script as one of the build packages

Please let me know on this, I want opinions before I make a decision

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I use it but only cuz its there. Add it to vsido-welcome and then if someone wants or needs it its just a click away.

Less gnome = more better
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^ Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback!
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I also use it cause it's there.  However adding it to the vsido-welcome script would be plenty OK with me!!!  dpkg works just as good though if you'd rather go that route...
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I use it sometimes, but adding  it to the welcome script is a great idea.


I never use it and less gnome is better since it's not an included DE.

Maybe add an apt HowTo to the HowTo thread with a bunch of the basic commands to use to accomplish the same goals?
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^ That seals the deal...

On the next builds I will remove it, put it in the vsido-welcome and then post a How To or a link to an existing one

Thanks everyone for your input
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I use it sometimes when I'm overcome with laziness.  But it's just as easy to pop a term and do it the "right" way.

Add my vote to the "remove and welcome script" stack...


You can use mc to open debs as well as install them.
Occupies much less space.


Thank you Richard... and welcome to VSIDO!   8)
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the same here, i use it when it's there
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I use it only because Im lazy and it works.......  :D
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gdebi, tends to only get used as a sort of last resort with me. 

i hadnt considered if could be removed.  i thought it was more integral to workings.   

hell, if it can be got rid*, get rid**.  that's my vote.

*without imparement
**and add to welcome script option perhaps.

any idea how much space you'd be saving with it (and its deps) getting removed?



In a moment of's nice to have.