Removing Applications: Wondering how.


First off, I just want to say how really nice this distro is and I'm really impressed with its function and its polish.  The art work is really great!

Right now I'm using it as a base for gnome 3.8 (don't throw anything at me!  :) )

I was wondering.  If I wanted to "lighten it up" a bit, what would be the best way to remove some of the games and window managers.  Synaptic a good choice? Or would it be better to leave well enough alone.  Also, is it better when doing something like this to just remove things at the get go and then build up?  (i.e. add gnome 3).

Thanks Folks.



Thank you Dave!  I would like to see some screen shots of gnome 3.8 or perhaps I will just install it in a VM of VSIDO I have running...

The best thing would be to know what it is you want to remove...

There are no games installed from the VSIDO base, any games there would be added after the fact

As far as WM's, they are easily removed using apt and purge (or Synaptic) but there really is no need to remove them.  If they are not booted, they are not used.  When they are not used they are so tiny in space (less than 1 Mib) that it is nothing to worry about.  It also is easier to leave them for later use rather than it is to purge and then reinstall them
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Thanks VastOne.  I think I will keep things as they are.  Gnome adds a lot of stuff I don't care about (like games) but I might as well leave them. That may be another experimental install...later.   The download for gnome was about 600 MB and done via synaptic.   I chose to switch to GDM, but I do like LightDM much better.  The wireless superficially gave me a non-issue, but was resolved using this thread.,452.0.html

I've got two screenshots I would like to post, but really don't know how.



Echo vastone's reply, and add that when you are dealing with a desktop environment (DE) like gnome (kde, xfce) everything is integrated so trying to remove something you're not using like games commonly results in removing a bunch of other software dependencies and you can render the DE non-functional.
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I hope this works. 
Pretty much stock setup with my own "FrankenConky"  There seem to be very few distros that have gnome 3 and Ubuntu Gnome isn't bad, but well it is Ubuntu...