New Debian Kernel 3.7.1-1~experimental.2 x86_64


What can I say if it goes perfectly?  I did a dd to a USB drive, rebooted, installed to sda8 (a testing partition).  Install took maybe 6 and a half minutes!!!  Then re-booted, opened up Wicd, added the wlan0 setting on the first Wicd screen, told it to "Display Notification status messages", clicked on the refresh, connected to my wireless, ran the post install script that automatically started when I logged in the first time.  That took 15 min 27 seconds for a total install time of appx 22 minutes!  VastOne, you've developed a real fine distro here!!!  Below are two scrots of the install.

Again, no issues at all.  What I'd call a perfect install experience.  Anyone could do this!!!  VSIDO Rocks...
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