32 bit install


HP dc5000 sff 2.4ghz, 2g ram

I did an install, which was reasonable & does work some what
the hdd had Mageia3 on it so I went along the path of least resistance on the partition section
I ended up with a dual boot when I was trying for use the entire hdd for vsido.
what should I be doing?

I installed xfce, which is unresponsive after changing a right click setting for desktop, no way to go back unless there is a keyboard shortcut?


^ Xfce 4.10 is already installed in VSIDO... At the login screen you can switch between FluxBox, OpenBox or Xfce 4.10

What exactly did install?

As far as your full drive install, that is done with gparted either prior to starting the install or when it comes up during the installation
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