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Hi all, decided to set aside a netbook to give VSIDO a try out, (32bit), Acer Aspre One 532, 1gb ram, 1.6GHz Atom processor, presently with a 64gb SSD.

I've been a Debian user a long time, & have answered questions on various forums including LinuxQuestions, Debian, Crunchbang, AntiX, & Slitaz as my way of giving back to the Linux community.

I have been tempted to run a SID distro for a while now, but just didn't get around to it, until now.
(My computers have been MS free since around 1999.)

Hey fatmac, welcome to VSIDO we are glad to have you!

I have enjoyed reading your posts on all the forums we have both been on. Your insight, knowledge and wit are always sharp and helpful

I hope the install of VSIDO went well, and of course let me know of anything that can make it better

Thanks for the welcome VastOne.

Hit a problem, see under :-
VSIDO Debian ISO's updated 2013-May-15 19:55 CST

All the best.

Hi Fatmac  8)

I have a AAO D270 (32bit, 1.5ghz Atom, 1.5Gb ram) And since I put VSIDO on it, it's really flying fast :)


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