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Hi all, decided to set aside a netbook to give VSIDO a try out, (32bit), Acer Aspre One 532, 1gb ram, 1.6GHz Atom processor, presently with a 64gb SSD.

I've been a Debian user a long time, & have answered questions on various forums including LinuxQuestions, Debian, Crunchbang, AntiX, & Slitaz as my way of giving back to the Linux community.

I have been tempted to run a SID distro for a while now, but just didn't get around to it, until now.
(My computers have been MS free since around 1999.)
Linux since 1999
Distros: Debian, Crunchbang, AntiX, & now VSIDO


Hey fatmac, welcome to VSIDO we are glad to have you!

I have enjoyed reading your posts on all the forums we have both been on. Your insight, knowledge and wit are always sharp and helpful

I hope the install of VSIDO went well, and of course let me know of anything that can make it better
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Thanks for the welcome VastOne.

Hit a problem, see under :-
VSIDO Debian ISO's updated 2013-May-15 19:55 CST

All the best.
Linux since 1999
Distros: Debian, Crunchbang, AntiX, & now VSIDO


Hi Fatmac  8)

I have a AAO D270 (32bit, 1.5ghz Atom, 1.5Gb ram) And since I put VSIDO on it, it's really flying fast :)
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