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Ceni bug <no solving needed>
« on: May 19, 2013, 07:41:36 AM »
This machine is a 6 core AMD FX cpu with 16gb ddr3 so resources arent an issue. So when the machine started to freeze up and lag I really questioned why.
Well, I ran ceni for something and then rather than hitting enter to close out I just "x"ed out of the terminal screen and forgot about it. about 3 min later I looked up (after the machine started lagging) and
noticed one cpu core was maxed out and my memory usage was around 12gb and climbing very quickly. Conky showed ceni usage as around 90% cpu and 15gb memory.
I then let the machine just run for about 15 seconds and right as my swap was maxing out also the system finally killed ceni.

This isnt a major issue but on a slower system it could cause a crash Im sure.

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