Well, then I guess that I`m here....


Been visting a few times, but left again because my intel hd graphics didn`t like the new kernels. After months of struggle and ranting in the #!-forum, Debian Joe asked me if it was my intel graphics that was the issue, and in that case he had posted a workaround some time ago. Off I went with little faith, but it turned out that the fix worked perfect for me. The worst part is that it was an easy fix. I should have been able to solve it myself. Well, I cant help that I`m a bit slow, but that fix prepared me to haunt the VSIDO-forum. If you need to blaime anyone, blaim Debian Joe. Without him and his workaround, I wouldn`t have been here now:)

Anything about me? Well, im well into my midlife crisis, and whether Linux is the solution or the cause, I guess time will tell. I`ve worked with computers for 30 years, mainly with hardware and repairs, and of course also software related issues, but only on various MS-OS. Fiddled a bit with html-coding and php, but nothing advanced. Then W8 came, and for my personal use I didn`t want to participate in an OS that looked like the teletubbies was on vacation in legoland, so then I started to experiment a little with an ooooooooooold laptop, and therefore searched for lightweight distros, and the first I tried was WattOS, which was fine.

The next one I tried was Peppermint, and I liked even better, and then I saw the famous #!-Disclaimer, and just had to try that, and felt instantly at home. Been there since, but of course multibooting and hopping between distros like crazy. So I`m new, but I`ve been trough a lot. My route is probably different than most. I didn` start out with Ubuntu or the big ones, but I went directly from Windows to openbox, which I`m happy that I did, because If I had started with Ubuntu, then I probably never would have discovered all the smaller exiting Debian-based distros.

Well, I guess that`s it. I`m a linux-noob, but relatively experienced for my short time in the Linux-world. You could say that I`m addicted. It`s only my two dogs that can get me away from the pc now and then. I don`t even watch television any more, and have no time for gaming. It`s linux, linux, and just linux..., and I don`t seem to get tired off it, like I`ve done with other all-consuming hobbies. My problem is that I never can do anything halfways. Either I`m commited, or I`m not:)
"What happens when you read some doc and either it doesn't answer your question or is demonstrably wrong? In Linux, you say "Linux sucks" and go read the code. In Windows/Oracle/etc you say "Windows sucks" and start banging your head against the wall."
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Welcome to the fold ew.  Think you will like it here.
Nice bunch of people and ... well VSIDO speaks for itself.  You're here aren't you. :D

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Welcome ew!!

Been A few times that I have had a piece of hardware that wouldn't play nice with linux, but in the end the search for the solution always takes longer then the actual fix.  :-[

If you have any problems just ask away in the help thread and we will do our best to help find a solution.  ;D


Welcome to VSIDO and the Community ew!

We are glad to have you and look forward to the adventures you are on!
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Welcome to VSIDO (again?) ew!  This is the best place on the web I've found for Linux.  A REALLY great group of people, and they are willing to share it all!!!  Doesn't get any better...
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Welcome ew
Be careful this place can be really addictive.
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welcome aboard, ew! Hopefully you'll get all of the GPT stuff settled and get VSIDO installed.

VSIDO's been the BEST OOTB Debian install, and comes with many goodies to play with. I was mostly an Xfce fan, but after VSIDO, I've been using Fluxbox more and more. Between VSIDO Fluxbox and my Manjaro Openbox, I have begun to stumble about when using Xfce  ???  :o

Have some fun, and begin your new Conky obsession  8)


Welcome ew! Glad to see you here buddy! Ive seen your work and am quite sure you will fit right in here  8)
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