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Teo's Scripts in a nutshell

Teo's scripts use 4 different weather sites

Some for USA users, others for International Users

Accuweather's pages are different for US and International users.  Which strikes me as halarious because for me The USA has always held "International" status.  Yea yea, I know Accuweather is a US site!

However, to continue

1a)Accuweather - INTERNATIONAL USERS -  conditions: font
1a)Accuweather - ALL USERS -  conditions: font
[*]Today forecast
[*]Tonight forecast
[*]9 extra days

1b)Accuweather - USA USERS - conditions: font defunct
[*]3 extra days

1c)Accuweather RSS - All users - conditions: font
[*]Today's forecast (by date)
[*]Tomorrow's Forecast (by date)

1d1)Accuweather - Images - INTERNATIONAL USERS - conditions: images
[*]Today Forecast
[*]Tonight Forecast
[*]9 extra days

1d1.1)Accuweather - Images - INTERNATIONAL USERS_Hourly_Forecast
[*]Weather for the next 16 hours

1d2)Accuweather - ConkyWeather font - INTERNATIONAL USERS
[*]Today Forecast
[*]Tonight Forecast
[*]9 extra days
[*]The difference between 1a) and 1d2) - 1a has a "C" version (language) - apparently faster - I have not tried it.

1e)Accuweather - Images - USA USERS
[*]Today Forecast
[*]Tonight Forecast
[*]9 extra days

2)WUnderground ICAL - International users - conditions: font
[*]day - night forecasts for 7 days

NWS XML - USA users - NOAA Weather Service - conditions: images (Opinion alert: YUK on those images)
[*]day - night forecasts for 7 days

Weather.com conky script - all users - conditions: images
[*]Today's FULL forecast
[*]Tonight's FULL forecast
[*]10 extra days
[*]has a C version of the scripts included.

The differences in images between Accuweather and Weather·com
[*]Accuweather uses rectangular images - a little more difficult to "space" them[/*]
[*]Weather·com used square images and are better looking (Opinion alert)

In the directory for each of Teo's scripts you'll see a couple of PDF files.

If you look at, for example: 1d1_Output_of_the_script.pdf you will see numbers on the left.

1, 2, 3, 4 etc

those are the 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p etc in the conky commands:

--- Code: ---↑ ${execi 600 sed -n '19p' /media/5/Conky/accuweather_conky/tod_ton}°
--- End code ---

if you look at "tod_ton" you will see 19 is a number ... in representing the high temperature

Sorry about that Jed ...
I need a coffee!

Love what you are doing!!!  You and VastOne have the space for larger fonts, that makes a BIG difference.

Opinion: Since pictures speak a thousand words, I don't use text for the conditions.

For a few reasons really:
[*]Now - look at the image/font - look outside
[*]Forecasts change by the hour at times, a scientifically configured guess:

[*]Monday it says Rain on Friday
[*]Tuesday it says Cloudy for Friday
[*]Wednesday it says Sunny for Friday

[*]4 or more days away - a scientifically configured wild hunch

If every job in the world allowed for that kind of accuracy ... can you imaging the chaos!

Teo's scripts suck!!!


--- Quote from: TeoBigusGeekus on January 14, 2013, 10:10:41 PM ---Teo's scripts suck!!!

--- End quote ---

HAHA! From the man himself!


--- Quote from: lwfitz on January 14, 2013, 10:16:47 PM ---
--- Quote from: TeoBigusGeekus on January 14, 2013, 10:10:41 PM ---Teo's scripts suck!!!

--- End quote ---

No way they suck!  Awesome weather scripts Teo!!!!
--- End quote ---

@ Teo

Well done mate!   ;D


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