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ElderVLaCoste is an old friend from the Buntu days and onto #!... He has always been a FluxBox user and tried to get me to try it many times in the past... I should have listened !

He created an incredible theme posted here on devaint art

This will be the default theme for FluxBox on the next ISO build...

In the meantime, it is attached... Simply download it and extrat it to ~/.fluxbox/styles directory, then Restart Fluxbox from Right Click menu on the dekstop..  It will then be a choice as fb_black in Right Click Menu / Styles

My gratitude to ElderVLaCoste!

A good Fluxbox Styling Tutorial, from the Blackbox/Fluxbox Forum 


Thanks vrkalak, within a week or two I will try my hand at a theme style...  ;D

^  I have more Fb-Styles Tutorials.   :)

Best  >  http://tenr.de/howto/style_fluxbox/style_fluxbox.html
Good  >  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fluxbox_Style_Guide

I created a variation on the fb_black theme... I really like the menu but I did not care so much for the Window frames..  This variation changes the frame around windows

The file is attached, extract it to ~/.fluxbox/styles and then select it from the Right Click menu / Styles


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