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Tilers Unite!
« on: February 09, 2013, 12:43:33 AM »
Welcome to the foremost general tiling thread in the vsido forum.

whatever your taste of tiling window management, this is as good a thread as any to share.

whether you carve your own unique re-implementations of ratpoison in lolcode, or you just like making openbox a bit more tiling-windowmanager-ish, come chew the fat in here, share your stories, your discoveries, and your troubles.

I myself seem to keep coming back to xmonad as my favourite tiling window manager.  it's been what i've used the most over the past 5 or 6 years (openbox or scrotwm vying for second place), and found new loves i3 and clfswm, iressitable, to such an extent i've started trying to take some cues from each, into my xmonad config, which i've just not long gotten copied into my vsido install.  :)

(oh noes, why is emacs looking like it is the wrong gtk colour... oh no... not gtk slipped into my system i hope! nnooooo, need to block gtk 3!!! ruiner of consistent themes)

here's a paste of my xmonad.hs as it is now, warts and all. :)  tabular boonad