Author Topic: Install Nvidia drivers if you are having issues with locating kernel.k file  (Read 1899 times)


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I have found an issue when trying to install the proprietary Nvidia drivers, as the linux header files are in a non standard location in Vsido, (or it seems that they are in my experiences). The kernel.k file that is need for the Nvidia driver installer, is located at /usr/include/linux, but the installer is looking for them in the standard /usr/src/linux/include/linux directory. The workaround for this is NOT to use the --kernel-source-path variable, as it does not work for some reason, the best way that I have found is to make a symlink in the /usr/src directory by issuing the command
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ln -s /usr/include/ /usr/src/linux/ as root, that creates the needed path for the nvidia .run file to be able to find the needed the kernel.k file. Hope this helps anyone who had the same issue I had, took me a few to figure out what the issue was, but once I did, it was kind of like a "duh" moment to create the symlink. Then again, I am running my own custom kernel, but it still puts the headers in an odd location to me.