What's your Favorite Picture Manager


Picasa for Linux 3.0, was very good [nothing is perfect]
features I like
1) the ability to scroll through the file tree, without opening & closing folders
2) an editor that crops, resizes, minor color adjustment...
3) uploader to G+ webalbum

I'm on Digikam [KDE ], which is overkill, but the uploader is perfect, not so much as a hiccup even for, 100's of pics at a time.


good thread idea.  :)

i really dont have a fave picture manager, but i think i'd like one.

i just bumble through with file managers usually.   even command line!

however, one piece of kit i think likely worthy a mention (even though i've never gotten in the habit of using it), and probably of interest to photographers, is darktable


though there are maaaaany excellent picture viewers/managers, none of them really stood out ahead of the pack for me.

ps, oh, i see we have a thread with it already:  http://vsido.org/index.php/topic,227.0.html