{Guide} Installing VSIDO on a Lenovo T430


This Lenovo T430 was a bit challenging to get 'vsidofied', so I'll share the issues I ran into and what I did to fix them.

1. Install VSIDO pr this guide https://vsido.org/index.php?topic=1465.0
2. Boot into VSIDO seemed normal, but I needed iwlwifi for my wireless to work, so I installed the needed tools and firmware needed pr this Debian guide https://wiki.debian.org/WiFi

Simple, right? No not really. After a reboot I was presented with a blank screen. And CTRL+ALT+F1 was a no go.

The Fixtm

1. SSH into the laptop using a wired connection
2. run smxi as root, let it's do it's thing, update if necessary. When presented to the graphics menu, pick Intel graphics, a different xorg will be suggested, accept it, and when asked to create a xorg.conf, allow it to do so
2a. For some odd reason a xorg-intel binary is a thing. If your laptop have a nv card, stop reading this, and just smile at this

3. Reboot, and once more SSH into the laptop and run sgfxi (more stuff to download yay!)
4. Reboot for the last time
5. You are now ready to connect with wifi (nmcli, nmtui, pick your poison)

Note: Do note that using this "walk through" there might and most likely will be a few xorg.conf files in /etx/X11. Delete the crud ones and keep the newest one only

And the famous pic or it didn't happen

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