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Hi Folks
I need a wifi card and am considering buying a " intel AX 200 M.2 fenvi pcie next gen wifi 6  card " has anyone got one and are the drivers available for this distro ? or can you recommend a wifi card

That card has had built in support into the kernel since kernel 5.1

Here is a review that talks about it working on linux

Hi VastOne,

Thanks for the reply and info.
I did try to find  out if it was in the distro but didn't realize that it was already built it in so now I can go ahead and buy it Cheers  :) :)

Ok Folks
I have myself the wifi card from fenvi which is installed but noy working. What else do you expect from me. The worst part is neither is my hardwired working either. Something has changed enp2s15 to enp3s15 and i can't locate where to change it back. As far as he wifi side of things go i have been doing loads of searching on the net and located loads of how to's but none of them seem to apply to our version of debian. A lot of the commands they say to use don't work on this version and i haven't managed to find any  site that has all of the commands that work. Lspci does find the card and i have tried to alter the sbin/network/interface by adding iface wlan0 inet dhcp or iface wifi inet dhcp and wpa_sub ? and .... sky..... + password which didn't work either. Will have a otherbash at trying again tomorrow. Ceni doesn't seem to find it by itself. Can i install wicd as it seemed to work previously?

You can use ceni to re-establish your wired connection.It will overwrite the /etc/network/interface file with the new ethernet designation.

Ceni should also be able to establish your wired connection.

What does:

--- Code: ---ip addr
--- End code ---

output now? You should see the wireless. Normally it will be something like wlp1s0 not wlan0.

Have you set up a wireless network? You will need to access your router and give the wireless a name and password before you can connect.


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