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The end of the VSIDO era

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I want to thank you all who stuck with this project for as long as you have..

By the end of day tomorrow, I anticipate this site will no longer exist as I have simply ran out of funds to even afford to pay a 70 dollar annual fee

I may try to run the site from my home with DDS .. not sure yet, but since there is so little traffic I am not sure anyone would notice

I do have it all backed up, the sad part is that it has always been a resource for solutions and honestly that is all I ever wanted

Cheers to you all .. I can always be reached at vastone at the gmail com

The site lives for one more year

Hi V-ger

A real shame it came to this! :( If you have time, and feel like it, I hope you popover to the Devuan forum for a chat! Things have come a long way since those Crunchbang days!

All the best for the future!  :) And good health! ;)

you should have my email!

@ Vger: Sorry to see VSIDO go, a real jewel of a Sid distro and absolute favorite! The look, feel and behavior were quite unlike any other! :'(

The same sentiment as Ozi, like to see you working with Devuan!

VSIDO will be a legendary distro, no other dev came close to having such an awesome Sid build!  8)



Logical, but sad anyway. I am not active anyplace anymore myself, I just visit some good ol places sometimes just to see what is going on. So I can not complain. Good luck further VastOne, and may the kernel be with you!  :)

Best wishes, blaze.   


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