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Hi VastOne

Just an idea and I have no idea if it is possible to do it.

Once you have done the download and installation would it be possile to add Ceni to the begining of the extra install thing that you have to make sure that you have an internet connection as for some reason or other it never connected during install, worked of the live disk though.

One of the problems that I had and manage to cure after a lot of misshaps was to run Ceni from root terminal to get the internet connection, before running the extra insall thing, trying to run ceni from fluxbox all I kept getting was  " couldn't run child process " , and no idea why that was either.

Hope this makes sense  :D
Cheers :D
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Hello Gordon, I am not VastOne!  Ceni is installed with VSIDO and must be run as 'root' from the terminal.  It has no graphical user insterface (GUI) and is why you're getting the 'child process' error I would think.  VSIDO was not originally designed for wireless although it has always had the tools to get wireless to work!  ??? 

Depending on the laptop I've used (many) wireless has been available with VSIDO from the beginning.  However, that said, you did sometimes have to jump through some hoops to get there.

After a new install, when the "vsido-welcome" script runs that first time, I simply hit 'Ctrl-T' for a new tab in the terminal, run Ceni as root through to completion of course, then switch back to the "vsido-welcome" script tab and all is well.  ;)
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