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Vsido saved my day!

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Hi, guys. Besides the VastOne's advices on keeping full system backpups with fsarchiver for recovery purposes, I use rsync daily but not fsarchiver...

Well, a couple of days ago I had to move my computer to other room. Disassembled everything and gently carry all the stuff. Put everything together, booted and... blinking cursor. What the.... 

Tried everything, swapping drives, cables, SATA ports... the disk was apparently dead. Decided to try to recover it just in case it wans't actually dead. Booted my Vsido live ISO (it has fsarchiver on-board!) and was able to mount and read the disk contents, so crossed my fingers and run fsarchiver, erased and reformated the disk, and restored the partitions. Still no joy but again everything was readable, the partitions mounted and worked correctly, so the apparent culprits would be grub and the efi things. time to chroot.

I didn't either remembered the cool vchroot script by harckerdefo (also a vsido default tool) . A great rediscovering! Long story short, I managed to put everything onto a bigger brand new SSD I had around and restoring the grub/efi stuff, plus installing via chroot a fresh Void Linux system on the older SSD. Both systems are now up and running perfectly well. All done from Vsido!

Yes guys, Vsido is a darn great recovery live system with all the needed tools already included. Thanks a billion for your brilliant work, VastOne.

P.S. Don't be lazy and run fsarchiver from a Vsido live ISO regularly whatever the systems you use on your machines. I'll do it from now on. Promise!

Glad to hear you got your data back Snap... That's what this is all about

The tools on the VSIDO ISO has saved my ass many many times


--- Quote ---Yes guys, Vsido is a darn great recovery live system with all the needed tools already included. Thanks a billion for your brilliant work, VastOne.
--- End quote ---

One of the main reasons I keep a current VSIDO usb around.

Great that it all worked out for you, Snap.

Thanks, guys!

Unfortunately I failed to learn the lesson until about the fourth time of losing everything!   :'(  Thanks to VastOne for this "great recovery tool" as you guys are calling it, or, as I like to refer to it, my "GoTo" or the best OS I've ever personally ran!  Since at least the summer of 2012 I'd say.  This is by far the longest period of time running the same OS!  And, most of the time, now, I just plug in the 4Tb hdd and pick and choose which .fsa file to restore!  I do one every few days now unless I'm doing something special and I've been know to create an .fsa file every hour or so.  My OS, (VSIDO) is actually loaded with tools I don't even know are there!  ???

However, that said, word has it that I know the owner!!!  So not only has VSIDO the OS personally saved my data life, the guy that created it has step by stepped me through untold and countless errors or breakages of my own design as well!  And the community still here is a pretty impressive FEATURE not mentioned often enough 'cough cough' PackRat and company!

Long live fsarchiver!


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