VSIDO x64 and x64_uEFI ISO’s updated 2019-MAR-26 14:16 CST


Quote from: PackRat on March 27, 2019, 02:43:04 AM
but neither network manager nor ceni appear to be installed. So no easy wireless setup out of the box.

Will try them both tomorrow on a hard wired connection.

I was dead wrong way back on this one and jedi helped me to correct this for installs now. Back then I was thinking of a ubuntu network manager tool that was a behemoth and not the small ncurses based package that was removed back then (by this idiot Dev) and is now back in and all working as it should

I don't usually necro post but this shows how intense I can be in correcting a mistake I made

Thanks RatMan for pointing this out way back then and jedi for the clarity

Also, of note. When I stopped development of VSIDO back in March of 2019, the debian 4.x kernel was at end of life with the 4.19 release. Resuming development now we have gone a full kernel cycle the the 5.x kernel coming to it's end of life and we are sitting on the 5.19 fence now

It's good to be back
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