Review: VSIDO Installation and First Look


I don't know if this is the right place to post, but here is a YouTube review of vsido:


Wow.  Only a plus as a rescue CD?  This has been my OS since aprx. July/August of 2012.  Always a fix for any issue within 24 hours at the most, and a live IRC channel for support.  It's never broke unless I break it myself!  The dev is a good friend and has put years into this project, and also turned this into one of the friendliest Linux distros ever! (i.e. a really GREAT community who all want to help)

Nice professional youtube video.  Had never heard of distrotube before this.  Wish you all the best and hope your endeavor is successful.  The FOSS community needs all the help and promotion it can get.

Also we have never submitted anything to distrowatch on purpose.  The last few years, it is just a clicking contest to see which distro is most popular.  Not the greatest place for people to be looking for a dependable distro imo.
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The video is not from me .... There aren't many videos about vsido, but I thought it might be interesting to see how others feel about vsido. I use vsido only since recently and I can't judge everything yet.