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May - December 2018 Screenshot Thread

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fluxbox and fvwm, both using jgmenu -


OS upgrades came through where the wife works; QA/QC requirements forced my hand on the home computers:

fairly painless so far - once the upgrade bs stops, I'll set up the dual boot.

Very envious PackRat!  I'd have Windows 10 installed if for no other reason than to be able to actually run comparable programs and see the tremendous Linux whoop ass that would encur!  Somebody wants to hand over a valid LEGAL Win 10 product key I'm all in for testing it on a dual-boot basis!   :D
Haven't been to active, not just here, but on the computer period.  Life throws curves, we install VSIDO...

So my first May scrots.  I was compiling a new kernel and decided to chill out by watching the David Gilmore Live in Gdansk DVD.  Just wow...

Another one gone to soon...  (Richard Wright whom reminded me of my dad so much and just lost Jan.6th)  They both had a love and serious skill on the Hammond Organ with a good Leslie speaker.  Think he played a B or C series Hammond...

And what the hey, here's one more if you think Gilmore can't draw a crowd!

New mainline stable 4.16.7 seems pretty sharp.  Just a couple hours in so we'll see.

And, my annual post.......  :D :D

Fresh install after a canon print driver install  uninstalled like 250 packages. Thats what I get for hitting Y without paying attention


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