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April 2018 screenshot thread

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Please remember to use thumbnails  :)

spectrwm and fluxbox -

fluxbox, openbox + tint2:


Simple VSIDO Fluxbox


Being checking out different shells lately - zsh and mksh are both pretty good (but I don't do anywhere near enough scripting etc ... to say any one shell is better than the other):

Same ole.
I still have zsh setup using oh-my-zsh.  I like the cool looks of it.  Still can't get used to trying to do 'bash' stuff in 'zsh' though.  Screws me up everytime...

Time to do a rebuild on my goto I think.  Almost 3400  ???  packages installed and still growing.  Ugh!  Totally all bloat basically.  :o Need to get back to a clean install.


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