user friendly?


Talking about poles/polls ...

... no captcha's there and the cat is saying, "You only think so!"
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That is an amazing photo!  Nice !  ;D
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mmh, Jedi here he is. However, not the only help can you get from him. The rest of us, help you we can, teach you we will, yes.
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^^ Oh yea, no doubt in my mind they weren't "posing" for that.

Just another case of having a camera at the right time and place for an awesome photo.

^  :D  :D well said McLovin ... and true too!
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Well, I use it and I try to be friendly.
Does that count?  ::)

Welcome Garthhh.
The view's not that bad you just have to punch the knothole out.


I haven't quite figured out a way to fix the hinge on the only 64 bit machine I own
A HP notebook
We replaced with android tab


if you need an answer that makes no sense at all, and doesn't give you any help what so ever, just ask me, I'm the one makes people break their systems, and the not so resident screw up around here, teehee.
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