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March 2018 Screenshot Thread

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Let the madness begin -
Please remember to use thumbnails  ;D

more fluxbox; style work in progress:

@PackRat - nice clean, I like it! :)

At one time I thought xfce was king

Tis light still and installs real easily.. if it wasn't for FluxBox and other derivatives xfce would easily be the best choice


@vastone -

Ever configured xfce to use fluxbox as the window manager? That's kind of interesting since you get the session management of xfce with fluxbox window management.

Edit - put my money where my mouth is; Xfce4 session with fluxbox as the window manager:


Get the benefit of fluxbox apps file (grouped xfce4 terminals) and window decor management. Fluxbox controlling the key bindings for window management - much more control that xfce4; xfce4 controls the desktop and panel.


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