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Hi Folks

completely off topic this and i am hoping that someone can help me.

I have A Samsung Galaxy s4 mini G-i9195 that belonged to my daughter in law. she dropped it and shattered the screen which i have replaced with no problems. The problem starts with the fact that it is a boot loop, boots to Samsung logo and the starts to reboot again always at the same position, I have searched for and found various firmware that claims it will work OK and it probably will, only I cant find any firmware that contains the .pit file which apparently must match the firmware downloaded. is there anyone who can point me in the right direction or send me an email containing the  whole package. I am hoping that formatting the internal ROM will cure the problem.  It will certainly be very much appreciated.

In the meantime I shall keep searching  :)

Hi Gordon.. is the phone unlocked? Does it have a recovery/bootloader app like TWRP?

If it does you have several options to load or side load .. including the Cyanogenmod for that Galaxy S4

I have a HTC and a Samsung 7 that I have modded and I have used the https://forum.xda-developers.com/ for everything I have ever needed

Hi VastOne

Thanks for the reply.
As far as I know the phone is not unlocked and it does not have any recovery / bootloader on it. I have managed to get it to see the sd card though. i am trying to find  some firmware that does not need unlocking as I have no idea what network it was on. the only way I can load the sd card is via a SD card reader as i can't see it via a usb connection to the phone itself. my own phone is a SamSung S7 edge, should I add twrp to it do you think

If you can install TWRP on any smart phone it is always a good idea.. it simplifies loading so many things


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