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Live-Config issues on Stock ISO

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On the standard ISO I cannot boot to a livecd session it stops at this loop and will not go on..

--- Code: ---a start job is running for live-config contains the components that configure a live system during the boot process
--- End code ---

it is a systemd error and has a 0 time loop (infinite) which sucks... I cannot trace where this issue is unfortunately

Only item I found is a sloution for Kali Linux - which is also Debian based:

kali linux live usb stuck

graphics issue.

Tried several things all day (including that)... no success..

I am going to do a listing of files on each ISO to try and determine what is different on each ... something appears to be updated or not updated on one even though both are at equal levels

I just booted the live CD.

I had that message for ~20 seconds then it completed booting to the desktop.

Intel i3 chip and graphics.

You are using the lite versions... I have not uploaded a stock ISO that has the issue


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